Registered Miniature Herefords, AQHA & APHA Horses
A few good reasons to raise Miniature Herefords:
They take much less space to raise than standard size
cattle! They are "family sized" to put in a freezer. No need
to shop for half a beef at your butcher shop with these,
(hence, you'll KNOW where your meat is coming from!).
They make excellent pet cattle; they have nice
temperaments, and youth can show them with ease!
They are always marketable! They are nice to look at!

Welcome to Sturgell Ranch; home to an eclectic group of farm raised,
home-grown animals and pets. Our goal is to first provide healthy, natural
grown meats to our own family, replenish our breeding stock with quality
animals and then, as abundance and selection allow, supply animals for your
family also.
Our livestock are all naturally raised as far as can be allowed, however, they are
not "organic." We do what is necessary to keep them healthy, and if that means
using de-wormers or other medicine, then we will. We DO NOT however, use
any medicines randomly or with out cause on them, and it is with careful
consideration when we do. Our animals are raised on chemical free pastures and
fed hay that is grown and harvested right here on Sturgell property.
~~Home of Sturgell's Equestrian Center,LLC~~
Our reasons for choosing Mini Herefords are both practical
and egocentric! 1st, we want to feed our family, and 2nd,
we want purpose for our animals beyond just eating.
For us that means enjoyment, marketability and
ease of management.
For every beast of the forest is mine, and the cattle upon a thousand hills. Psalm 50:10
We also raise registered AQHA and APHA horses. Our breeding program aims for horses that
will fit the family budget and expectations. Our mares have some of the most popular and
modern bloodlines and are bred to modern stallions so that your future horse will be able to
perform in the show, rodeo arena or family outings.
"GUN GOT CHROME" aka Houston. He is out of Champion stallion, Colonels Lil Gun and grandson of $8 Million sire, Gunner.  
Check out his pedigree here:    
GUN GOT CHROME   Also check out Lil Gun and Gunner below!
Jackie trotting sidepass
at KS clinic.
Quality breeding!
Suzi with "HOUSTON" (Gun Got Chrome) double registered, 5 panel N/N negative, AQHA/APHA
registered stallion.
All our mares are bred to Houston for spring foals.
Faith, AQHA,
"CHEX FOR SPARKS," She has Shining Spark,
Nu Chex To Cash, Chex Nu Jewel, Diggers
Rest, Lady Badger Chex, Royal Feather, on her
papers. Nu Cash, Colonel Freckles and Peppy
San Badger(2x) just off!
"Nitro's Playboy Boony". She has Nitro Dual Doc, Freckles
Playboy and Peptoboonsmal ON her papers; with Peppy San
Badger just off. She is For Sale as is her 2016 colt
Jacky, APHA,
"Zips Brass Eyed Jacky",
is Zips Chocolate Chip,
Divine Conclusion,Two
Eyed Jack bred and
more. She is an excellent
using horse for ranch,
trail, ponying colts,
lessons, clinics.
Esther, Jacky's 2016 filly
Mercede's, Faith's filly
Deacon, Hopi's colt. For Sale.
Midge, 1 yr old heifer
Our very small >>
registered miniature
hereferd bull and a few
of his offspring.
MANY of our horses are for sale! Please look on the for sale page!
<< Our newest addition to the
mini herd! A purebred mini
Beltie bull! We hope in a few
years to breed a select few of
our smallest heifers/cows to him
and see what we get in return!
Typically this cross brings some
very pretty and interesting
marked calves!