We offer many services at Sturgell's
Equestrian/Horse Training Center, including colt
starting, foundation training, reschooling older
riding lessons, boarding and sales.

Though our
specialty is putting a foundation on the
young horse, we also want to make sure you will be
safe and satisfied when you take your horse home. If
at all possible, we like to be able to "school" the owner
on his horse's new training before they take him home.

We  also offer riding lessons for the beginner through
experienced rider in Western or English riding. We
hesitate to offer lessons for the more advanced rider
simply because there is such diversity in the show ring
now that it may be more beneficial for the advanced
rider to find an experienced "show coach."

We take our time with your horses, giving them respect
and understanding and TRAINING that will last a life
time—that TAKES TIME. And, if for any reason we can
not get your horse trained to the degree that you
want, we will let you know-- not keep sending you
monthly bills.
I am explaining to an owner what
his horse has learned
This horse is learning to open and
close gates, an everyday task that all
horses should know.
It's a discussion about horse power!
Where The Colts You Adore, Become The Horses You Love!
“I just love your approach to it all. I don't want to take ----
anywhere else. I could honestly sit and listen and watch you
everyday if I could. Your knowledge is amazing to me.              
L. (repeat customer)

“VERY HAPPY INDEED!!! we are soooo very pleased with
your work with both him and O---. Thank you so very much!!!!”  
R. (repeat customer!)
Foundation training is more than breaking the colt or
horse. It is a training process that is not rushed.
Think of it as building blocks for the future, just as
our children attend 12 years of school before
attending college. A horse trained with a good
foundation can easily go on for specialized training,
in either Western or English.

Realizing that each horse is an individual, we try very
hard to aim for the same goals in a "90 day period."
With a number of horses, it will take longer than 90
days to accomplish these goals, with a few, less. That
being said, our foundation
goal for 90 days will have a
horse that walks, trots, canters and stops easily. He
will have a good beginning in lateral movement
(moving off your legs), and ridden in the arena
regularly. It will be up to the individual horse's
confidence and abilities that will determine how
much more "speciality" training and out of the arena
riding it will be exposed to in that time frame.
The horse is prepared against the day of battle: but safety is of the Lord.     Proverbs 21:31
Being located in beautiful rural middle eastern Oklahoma, Sturgell's Equestrian Center is naturally
accommodated with wonderful riding terrain. After the colt/horse is broke to ride, he will be
introduced to the hay fields, ditches, hills and logs in the woods near our home. He will also be
around four wheelers, a tractor, livestock and other things to help gain his confidence.
Please note, we do not have indoor riding facilities, so we kindly ask you
to schedule your training time so that all horses will be leaving SECLLC by
October 31.
Thank you.  We care, because you care.                 Happy Trails!
“After getting B-- back from Suzi, I am even more impressed. If we had taken B--- first I would have expected a transition period from
"track mentality" back to "broke gelding mentality". When you feed and train a horse to perform at a (racing) level you can't expect them
to just snap out of it. Coming from her house, "broke gelding mentality" is where she had him at. We are enjoying him and he seems
to be a happy, healthy two year old.” M. (he came to me after being at the race track-- repeat customer!)

“Thanks Suzi for working with S---! I can tell a big difference in the way he responds. He is not as hyper, he pays attention, and he is
much easier to get into a gallop. He also reins a lot better. Plus, today we opened and closed the gate to the round pen while
mounted.” R. (Another repeat customer!)
DISCLAIMER: Sturgell's Equestrian Center's, owners and trainers are not and will not be held responsible for an
owner's or rider's poor judgment, poor horsemanship and or riding skills, what he/she does with their horse(s)
during and/or after it /they leaves
SECLLC, and/or any accidents thereof by or from their own or any other horse(s), or activities with them, here at or
leaving Sturgell's  Equestrian Center, LLC. SECLLC's training of your horse(s) will not be held liable for any of the
above mentioned reasons, or any other unforseen reasons, problems, accidents or neglegence on your part with
your horse(s). See
Oklahoma Statutes as Section 50.3 of Title 76:
CAUTION: At 90 days a horse is still considered green broke. Newly
trained and young horses require an experienced rider/horseperson. A decent rider, with some guidance or
should be able to handle their horse after 90 days quite well. You need to be honest with your self and your
Horses, by nature, can be dangerous! Not only is the owner/rider’s safety an important factor to consider, but also,
a poor rider can completely un-train a well-trained horse! This is something that must be considered.
young QH in training