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Early training, QH pony
2 yr Quarter horse in training
Hast thou given the horse strength? hast thou clothed his neck with thunder?
Job 39:19
After 90 days, he was such a sweetheart!
PORUM, OK 74455
Located in mid east Ok
Colt Starting, Horse Training, Re-Schooling,
Boarding, Lessons, Sales and more!
 Quarter Horse mare in training
3 yr Paint gelding
2 year old Quarter Horse geldings
3 year Paint mare
3 yr foundation QH in training
 QH / paint mare early training
A few pictures of some of the horses we
have trained at SECLLC in previous years
App race horse here for conditioning
Nitro Dual Doc bred young mare, 4 weeks training
Nitro Dual Doc gelding 5 weeks training
Some of the horses trained at SECLLC over the years.
Arabian stallion, 5 weeks
My western saddles didn't fit him well (Arabian) so we rode a lot in an English.
My horse, desensitizing with a ball.
Race mare: Little Dixie Cartel/ Little Corona/ Corona Cartel, 2011
App race mare: Sue's Lucky Diamond, 2011
apha mare needed a tuneup and time in the saddle
4 yr apha mare in early training
Norwegian Fjord mare going through woods and obstacles.
5 yr QH, just needing time back in the saddle, and softening
Fisher Ranch colt, approx 20 rides, enjoying making the calves move!
Appaloosa mare, tuneup
Smarty at the Canadian River back waters, long ride that day.
Our training goals
aim for a horse with
no resistance; cultivating a
willing mind and supple body,
so that further training is taken
in stride, making the
relationship you have with your
horse more satisfying and
<< “R. P. (race horse trainer) has nothing but praise for how well
broke Dixie is and how easy she is to handle. He also said if she is
half as good as the jockey says she is, we will all be proud.” L.H. (A
<<     filly I broke to go into race training-- repeat customer!)
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one or sponsorship opportunities!
Fjord gelding, 1 mo training
Building confidence in
a young horse is
important for his
future training and
Paint gelding re-training
2 yr QH, 1 month
older QH mare/ retraining
2 yr Arabian stud