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<<The Horse-Woman's Discipleship Encounter!
This was our first "Woman's Only" Riding Clinic. We spent 2 hours in the saddle
going over what problems the women presented with their horses, or themselves
as riders, and then I demonstrated easy maneuvers for their horses to do and
helped them to see that THEY could teach these things to their own horses. This
all entailed the 4 parts of the horse: head/neck, shoulders, barrel/ribcage,
hind-end. When you can utilize ALL the parts of your horse, then you have a usable
horse that you can control, relax, make pay attention to YOU during stressful times,
and lead into other maneuvers like pivots, sidepassing, backing and spins. The
participants learned how to do an emergency stop (disengage the hindquarters),
fix problems on the trail, and make a more obedient horse. We learned the
importance of getting a horse to lower its head on command (relaxes a horse, plus
makes it softer), how to mount to keep your horse from moving off, and SO much
more! After that we moved indoors where we learned more about bits and bitting
with a real horse skull to fit the bridles/bits on, and learned more about other
pertinent horse information. We then ate a great lunch and ended with a ministry
message from G5 Outreach's Jada McWilliams. Everyone had a great time
learning, riding, eating and in fellowship! Keep up your good work ladies! SS
Sturgell's Equestrian Center, LLC
Porum, OK
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Attention Riding Clubs! I offer "riding clinics" for your members and/or non members. I specialize in basic training techniques,
horsemanship, communication and relationship with your horse and problems found in the arena and on the trail.
I have a passion for helping riders better their relationships with their horses. I want to see you successful with YOUR horse! I
want to see you ENJOY the horse you have, communicate with it better, get better responses from it, ride better and be able do
some basic schooling on your own horse! That’s what it’s all about!
Whether a beginner rider or experienced rider, you will benefit and enjoy a day at one of my clinics! I can do Woman's Riding
Clinics, Group clinics, Youth clinics-- I will work with you and your needs!
Thank you! Contact us with any question or suggestions you may have!
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This is just a small sampling of
pics and things we did this
day! Contact me if you want to
host a clinic at your place!
Many women have done excellently, but you surpass them all! Proverbs 31:29
Disengaging the
hindquarters for a 1 rein
Mr. Skully
demo bits
Observers asked
questions too!
Jada of G5, and me
getting ready for
ministry message!
Ladies practicing
suppling exerises
Though this was a "women's" clinic, I
can do clinics, lessons, or
demonstrations for everyone!
We had a great turnout!
Weather was perfect!
Lots of 1 on 1 help with
problem issues.